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Tables of Contents for Directions in General Relativity
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1. Insight and discovery
2. Remarks concerning the geometrics of gravity, gauge fields and quantum theory
3. Gravity and the unification of fundamental interactions
4. Minisuperspaces: symmetrics and quantization
5. Quantum cosmology
6. A pictorial history of some gravitational instanton
7. No time machines from lightlike sources in 2+1 gravity
8. Inhomogeneity and anisotropy genertation in FRW cosmologies
9. Misner, kinks and Black Holes
10. The quantum mechanics of closed systems
11. Cosmological vacuum open system
12. Ricci flow on minisuperspaces and the geometry-topology problem
13. Classical and quantum dynamics of Black Hole interiors
14. Matter time in canonical quantum gravity
15. The isotropy and homogeneity of the universe
16. Recent advances in ADM reduction
17. Some progress in classical canonical gravity
18. Harmonic map formulation of colliding electrovac place waves
19. Geometry, the renormalization groups and gravity
20. An example of the indeterminacy of the already-unified theory
21. Nonstatic metric of Hiscock-Gott type
22. Non-standard phase space variables, quantization and path-integrals, or little ado about much
23. The present status of the decaying neutrino theory
24. Exploiting the computer to investigate Black Holes and cosmic censorship
25. Misner space as a prototype for almost any pathology
26. Relativity and rotation
27. The first law of Black Hole mechanics
28. Gravitational radiation antenna observations
29. How come the quantum?
30. The back-reaction is never negligible: entropy of Black Holes and radiation
31. Charles Misner: a celebration of memories.