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Tables of Contents for Restoration of Endangered Species
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Part I. Conceptual Issues in Restoration Ecology: 1. Organizational and managerial guidelines for endangered species restoration programs and recovery teams Tim W. Clark and John R. Cragun
2. Genetic considerations for plant population restoration and conservation Charles B. Fenster and Michelle R. Dudash
3. Managing genetic diversity in captive populations of animals Robert C. Lacy
4. The relationship of rarity to plant reproductive biology Stephen G. Weller
5. Experimental evidence for insect impact on populations of short-lived, perennial plants, and its application in restoration ecology Svata M. Louda
Part II. Restoration Planning: 6. Impacts of biological invasions on the management and recovery of rare plants in Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii Lloyd L. Loope and Arthur C. Medeiros
7. Disturbance-dependent persistence of rare plants: anthropogenic impacts and restoration implications Noel B. Pavlovic
8. A metapopulation approach to Pitcher's thistle recovery in southern Lake Michigan dunes A. Kathryn McEachern et al.
9. Restoration of woodland caribou to the Lake Superior region Peter J. P. Gogan and Jean Fitts Cochrane
Part III. Implemented Restorations: 10. The swift fox reintroduction program in Canada from 1983 to 1992 Ludwig N. Carbyn et al.
11. Restoration of the endangered black-footed ferret: a twenty-year overview Tim W. Clark
12. Development and implementation of a recovery program for the federally threatened Lakeside daisy Marcella M. DeMauro
13. Demographic monitoring and the recovery of endangered plant populations Bruce M. Pavlik
Part IV. Synthesis and Future Directions: Biology, Politics and Reality: 14. Restoration ecology: living with the Prime Directive Joel S. Brown
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