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Tables of Contents for Problems of Authority in the Reformation Debates
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Principal collections of articles and these mentioned in the text
Part I. Authority For the Truth of the Faith: 1. The authority of the text
2. Authoritative testimony
3. Authoritative proof
Part II. Saving Authority: 4. Powerlessness before sin
5. Justification
6. The empowering of the will for good
Part III. Authority in the Church to Reconcile: 7. The saving power of the sacraments
8. The penitential system and 'power to bind and loose'
9. The Eucharist and authority to forgive
Part IV. Authority in the Visible Community: 10. Visible and invisible
11. The two swords and the political analogy
12. Making ministers
13. Higher authority
Part V. The Authority of Common Sense: 14. A decision-making body
15. Decision-making in a divided Church
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