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Tables of Contents for Dementia and Normal Aging
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Foreword E. S. Paykel
Preface F. A. Huppert
Part I. Introduction: 1. What is the relationship between dementia and normal aging? F. A. Huppert and C. Brayne
Part II. The Development of Contemporary Views of Dementia: 2. Dementia and aging since the 19th century G. E. Berrios
3. The history of research into dementia and its relationship to current concepts W. A. Lishman
4. The relationship between normal aging of the brain and dementia Sir Martin Roth
Part III. The Diagnosis of Dementia Today: 5. International criteria and differential diagnosis A. S. Henderson and N. Sartorius
6. Mild dementia: a clinical perspective D. W. O'Connor
7. Neurological aspects of dementia and normal aging J. R. Hodges
8. Imaging and dementia C. E. L. Freer
Part IV. Research Methodology and Population Studies: 9. How common are cognitive impairment and dementia? An epidemiological viewpoint C. Brayne
10. What are the risk factors for dementia? J. A. Mortimer
11. How do risk factors for dementia relate to current theories on mechanisms of aging? T. B. L. Kirkwood
12. A method for measuring dementia as a continuum in community surveys A. F. Jorm
Part V. Normal Ageing and Dementia During Life: 13. The meaning of dementia to those involved as carers P. A. Pollitt
14. Personality and behaviour in dementia and normal aging T. Hope
15. Memory function in dementia and normal aging - dimension of dichotomy? F. A. Huppert
16. Language function in dementia and normal aging D. Kempler and E. M. Zelinski
17. Visuospatial dysfunction in dementia and normal elderly J. V. Filoteo, D. C. Delis, P. J. Massman and N. Butters
Part VI. Neurobiology of Normal Aging and Dementia: 18. Dementia and normal aging: neuropathology M. Esiri
19. Cholinergic component of aging and dementia E. K. Perry, J. A. Court, M. A. Piggott and R. H. Perry
20. Molecular characterization of the neurologenitive changes which distinguish normal aging from Alzheimer's disease C. Wischik, C. Harrington and E. B. Mukaetova-Ladinska
21. Genetic linkage in Alzheimer's disease S.-J. Richards and C. van Broeckhoven
Part VII. Health Care and Social Policy Issues: 22. Health care policy and planning for dementia: an international perspective B. Cooper
23. Public health implications of a continuum of dementia K.-T. Khaw