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Tables of Contents for Speaking 4
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1. Secrets: Gossiping and keeping secrets
2. And now, ladies and gentlemen: Making oral presentations and participating in discussion
3. Stress: Stress in modern life aned in the language classroom
4. Well brought up?: Politness and rudeness
5. All in a day's work: Daily routines at work and at home
6. Getting away from it all: Opting out of a conventional life style
7. Remember, remember: Memory and memory failures
8. My brilliant career?: Ambition, jobs and career counselling
9. Magic moments: Magic and legends from the past of the present
10. Threatening times: Dangers for individuals, countries, the planet
11. Love, hope and charity: Charity appeals
12. Buildings to live in: Good and bad features of public buildings
13. Buildings to live in: Homes, present and future
14. The benefit of experience: Creating information guides and cassettes
15. Special cases?: Providing for different needs
16. In sickness ...: Pain and disease
17. And in health: Alternative methods of healing
18. Children and adults: Growing up, bringing up children
19. Fostering Sally: Caring for children in difficult situations
20. Keeping in touch: Communicating and failing to communicate
To the teacher.