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Tables of Contents for Three Hundred Years of Gravitation
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1. Newton's Principia S. W. Hawking
2. Newtonianism and today's physics S. Weinberg
3. Newton, quantum theory and reality R. Penrose
4. Experiments on gravitation A. H. Cook
5. Experimental gravitation from Newton's Principia to Einstein's general relativity C. M. Will
6. The problem of motion in Newtonian and Einsteinian gravity T. Damour
7. Dark stars: the evolution of an idea W. Israel
8. Astrophysical black holes R. D. Blandford
9. Gravitational radiation K. S. Thorne
10. The emergence of structure in the universe: galaxy formation and dark matter M. J. Rees
11. Gravitational interactions of cosmic strings A. Vilenkin
12. Inflationary cosmology S. K. Blau and A. H. Guth
13. Inflation and quantum cosmology A. Linde
14. Quantum cosmology S. W. Hawking
15. Superstring unification J. H. Schwartz
16. Covariant description of canonical formalism in geometrical theories C. Crnkowic and E. Witten