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Tables of Contents for Images and Understanding
Chapter/Section Title
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Preface Francis Crick
Editors' introduction
Part I. The Essence of Images Jonathan Miller
1. What does the brain see? How does it understand Horace Barlow
2. Pictorial instructions Ernst Gombrich
3. Computer-generated cartoons Don Pearson, E. Hanna and K. Martinez
4. The tricks of colour John Mollon
Part II. Movement Nicholas Humphrey: 5. Benesh: the notation of dance Monica Parker and Kenneth MacMillan
6. Three stages in the classification of body movements by visual neurons David Perrett, M. Harries, A. J. Mistlin and A. J. Chitty
7. What does gesture add to the spoken word? Peter Bull
8. Visual processing of moving images Anthony Movshon
Part III. Narration Mel Calman: 9. Narration with words David Lodge
10. Animal language John Krebs
11. Are the signs of language arbitrary? Margaret Deuchar
12. Moving pictures Jonathan Miller
Part 4. Making Images Christopher Longuet-Higgins: 13. Vision in other animals Michael Land
14. Linking perception and graphics: modeling with dynamic constraints Andrew Witkin, Michael Karr, Demetri Terzopoulos and Alan Barr
15. Understanding the digital image John Lansdown
16. The draughtsman's contract: how an artist creates an image John Willats
Part V. Images and Thought Richard Held: 17. Understanding images in the brain Colin Blakemore
18. Images of the functioning human brain Marcus Raichle
19. Thinking with a computer Daniel Dennett
20. How do we interpret images? Richard Gregory
Part VI. Images and Meaning Margaret Drabble: 21. Scientific images: perception and deception Jon Darius
22. Pictures in the mind? Nelson Goodman