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Tables of Contents for Climate-Biosphere Interactions
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Partial table of contents:
Effects of Global Warming on the Regional Climate in China (W.-C.
Wang, et al.).
The Chinese Ecological Research Network (CERN) (Z. Jianping).
Effects of Different Cultivation Practices on Methane Emissions from Rice Paddies in Beijing, China (C. Zongliang, et al.).
Control of Soil-Atmosphere Fluxes of Nitrous Oxide and Methane: Effects of Tropical Deforestation (M. Keller).
Spatial Analysis of Land-Cover Change and Carbon Flux Associated with Biomass Burning in Brazil, 1970-1980 (D. Skole, et al.).
Descriptive Basis for a Model of Soils Biogeochemistry (R. Lassiter & Y. Plis).
Predicted Effects of Climate Change on Agricultural Ecosystems (C. Rosenzweig).
Climatic Change and Its Environmental Effects During This Century in Xinjiang, China (Z. Guoan, et al.).