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Tables of Contents for Wireless Java for Symbian Devices
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Greg Papadopoulos, CTO
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Getting started.
The development tools including a look at the SDK, emulator and Java tools. Compiling a æHello World Æprogram and deploying a program on target devices.
The Crystal Communicator reference design.
An introduction to Crystal, the Crystal APIs and design considerations. Command button arrays, the virtual cursor, Crystal Toolkit APIs and putting it all together.
The Quartz Communicator reference design.
An introduction to Quartz, the anatomy of a Quartz application, APIs and tuning Java applications for Quartz.
Summary of PersonalJava, a look at the Symbian implementation of PersonalJava, the timer classes and example, the capability interfaces, what they are and how they relate to Quartz and Crystal reference designs.
The JavaPhone architecture and working with JavaPhone, conventions, JavaPhone on the Symbian OS, the APIs and resources.
Models for games, multiplayer games, separation of distinct engine parts. Strategy games and action games design issues, platform constraints. Case-study: wireless four player Whist, with example code.
UI Guidelines.
A round-up of Symbian devices and how they support Java. Creating a user interface that works, writing applications that look good and work well on constrained devices.
Guidelines for optimization, tools for optimization, and enhancing Java Æs performance. Design patterns, memory management and what Æs next in enhancing Java performance on WIDs.
Creating Wireless Services.
Understanding the needs and wants of service providers and network operators, and how Java fits in with these. Benefits and limits of Java on WIDs, opportunities, security and application delivery.
Developing a secure environment, the components necessary to create a secure environment, Symbian OS v6.0 security capabilities and security management in the future.
The MID Profile, Applets,the Java service provisioning manager, Java Web Start, MExE -iBus//Mobile messaging service.
Case Studies.
Two case studies from the wireless community: the æSimple Conference Service Æ is an example of a chat/draw service from Digia Oy, a Symbian Competence Center; and the æHandheld Travel Assistant Æ,a location-based mapping service from Telenor R&D.
JNI Programming.
What is the Java Native Interface? JNI and the Symbian OS, the build environment for JNI projects and troubleshooting tips.
Looking to the Future.
Beyond Symbian OS v6,J2ME technologies, Jini, MExE and WAP.