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Tables of Contents for Just War and Jihad
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Foreword by Henry Warner Borden
Introduction by John Kelsay
Foundational Issues
Historical Roots and Sources of the Just War Tradition in Western Culture by James Turner Johnson
The Sources of Islamic Conceptions of War by Fred M. Donner
The Western Moral Tradition on War: Christian Theology and Warfare by John Langan, S.J.
The Religious Foundations of War, Peace, and Statecraft in Islam by Richard C. Martin
Holy War
"Holy War" Appeals and Western Christianity: A Reconsideration of Bainton's Approach by David Little
Holy War (jihad) in Islamic Religion and Nation-State Ideologies by Bruce Lawrence
International Law
The International Law of War as Related to the Western Just War Tradition by William V. O'Brien
War and Peace in the Islamic Tradition and International Law by Ann Elizabeth Mayer
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