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Tables of Contents for Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry & Mary
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
Page Count
1. Introducing You to Unchurched Harry and Mary
2. Harry's Journey Begins
3. A Skeptic's Surprise
4. Understanding Your Unchurched Friends, Part I
5. Understanding Your Unchurched Friends, Part II
6. Meeting Harry Where He Lives
7. Spiritual Sticking Points
8. The Adventure of Christianity
9. When You're Married to Unchurched Harry (or Mary)
10. Helping Your Church Connect with Unchurched Harry and Mary
11. “Gimme Some Space”
12. “Gimme Creativity”
13. “Gimme Something Good”
14. “Gimme Something from the Heart”
15. “Gimme Something I Can Relate To”
16. Starting Your Evangelistic Adventure