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Tables of Contents for Shakespeare-Who Was He?
Chapter/Section Title
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Foreword by Paul H. Nitze<BR>
The Incumbent: The Man from Stratford<BR>
A Strikingly Mundane Life<BR>
The Missing Literary Evidence<BR>
Shakspere versus Shakespeare<BR>
The Case for Will Shakspere as Author<BR>
The Ambiguous Testimony of the First Folio<BR>
The Leading Challenger: The Earl of Oxford<BR>
The Search for the True Author<BR>
Oxford's Literary Life<BR>
The Case for Oxford as Author<BR>
Oxford's Life Span and Dating the Plays<BR>
Oxford Revealed in Shakespeare's Plays<BR>
Objections to Oxford as Shakespeare<BR>
Resolving the Authorship Issue<BR>
Appendix A: Records of Will Shakspere's Theater Activities<BR>
Appendix B: "Shake-scene," Groatsworth, and Chettle<BR>
Appendix C: Ben Jonson's Notebook, Timber<BR>
Appendix D: The Benezet Test<BR>
Select, Annotated Bibliography for Further Reading<BR>