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Tables of Contents for Expertise in Context
Chapter/Section Title
Page #
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Section 1. The Cognitivist Perspective
1. Cognitive and Development Factors in Expert Performance
K. A. Ericsson
N. Charness
2. Some Concrete Advantages of Abstraction: How Experts' Representations Facilitate Reasoning.
C. M. Zeitz
3. Cognitive Models of Directional Inference in Expert Medical Reasoning.
V. L. Patel
M. F. Ramoni
4. Experience and Expertise: The role of Memory in Planning for Opportunities.
C. M. Seifert
A. L. Patalano
K. J. Hammond
T. M. Converse
5. Issues of Expert Flexibility in Contexts Characterized by Complexity and Change.
P. J. Feltovich
R. J. Spiro
R. L. Coulson
Section II. Expertise in Context
6. Cognitive Conceptions of Expertise
R. J. Sternberg
7. Metaphors for Expertise: How Knowledge Engineers Picture Human Expertise.
M. LaFrance
8. A Look at Expertise from a Social Perspective.
E. W. Stein
9. Expertise in Dynamic Physical Task Domains
V. L. Shalin
N. D. Geddes
D. Bertram
M. A. Szczepkowski
D. DuBois
10. Expertise in Context: Personally Constructed, Socially Selected, and Reality-Relevant?
N. M. Agnew
K. M. Ford
P. J. Hayes
Section III. Socially Situated Expertise
11. The Conceptual Nature of Knowledge, Situations, and Activity
W. J. Clancey
12. RAT-Tale: Sociology's Contribution to Understanding Human and Machine Cognition.
H. M. Collins
Section IV. Expert Systems in Context
13. Model-Based Expert Systems and the Explanation of Expertise.
N. Shadbolt
K. O'Hara
14. A Study of Solution Quality in Human Expert and Knowledge-Based System Reasoning.
C. C. Hayes
15. Abduction and Abstraction in Diagnosis: A Schema-Based Account.
C. R. Stern
G. F. Luger
16. Integrating Skill and Knowledge in Expert Agents.
H. Hexmoor
S. C. Shapiro
17. Toward Automated Expert Reasoning and Expert-Novice Communication
M. Miller
D. Perlis
18. The Turing Effect: The Nature of Trust in Expert Systems Advice.
F. J. Lerch
M. J. Prietula
C. T. Kulik
19. Interpreting Generic Structures: Expert Systems, Expertise, and Context.
K. O'Hara
N. Shadbolt
Section V. Pushing the Envelope
20. An Argument for the Uncomputability of Infinitary Mathematical Expertise.
S. Bringsjord
21. Expertise and Context in Uncertain Inference.
H. E. Kyburg
22. Negative Expertise.
M. Minsky
23. Context, Cognition, and the Future of Intelligent Infostructures.
A. T. Rappaport
Section VI. Recapitulation and Synthesis
24. A General Conceptual Framework for Conceiving of Expertise and Expert Systems.
R. R. Hoffman
P. J. Feltovich
K. M. Ford