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Tables of Contents for Mrs. Dalloway Reader
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FRANCINE PROSE: Introduction 1VIRGINIA WOOLF: An Introduction to Mrs. Dalloway VIRGINIA WOOLF: Mrs. Dalloway's Party Selected Entries from the Diary of Virginia Woolf A Letter from Virginia Woolf KATHERINE MANSFIELD: The Garden-Party MARGO JEFFERSON: Unreal Loyalties JAMES WOOD: Virginia Woolf's Forgetful Selves ELAINE SHOWALTER: Invigorating Life MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM: First Love E. M. FORSTER: The Early Novels of Virginia Woolf DANIEL MENDELSOHN: Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf SIGRID NUNEZ: On Rereading Mrs. Dalloway DEBORAH EISENBERG: On Mrs. Dalloway ELISSA SCHAPPELL: That Sort of Woman VIRGINIA WOOLF: Mrs. Dalloway Contributors Permissions and Acknowledgments