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Tables of Contents for Public Speaking for College and Career
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Part 1: Strategies

Quotes & Anecdotes

How to Prepare a Speech Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Checklist for Preparing and Delivering a Speech

Checklist for Audience and Occasion

How to Use Check-Off Notes

Weekly Planner

Part 2: Finding Topics

Quotes & Anecdotes

General Subjects

Topics for Persuasive Speeches

Popular Themes

Topics Based on Students' Own Lives

Topics for "How-to" Speeches

Personal Inventory

Brainstorming Guide

Possible Topics

Part 3: Developing Topics

Quotes & Anecdotes

Developing Topics for Informative Speeches

Developing Topics for Persuasive Speeches

Specific Purpose Statements

Exercises on Topics, Purposes, and Central Idea

Library Assignlment

Finding Articles

Finding Information on the Internet

Support Materials

Persuasion Scale

Sample Persuasion Scale

Part 4: Outlining

Quotes & Anecdotes

Sample Outline

Outline Exercise


Blank Template

Sample Template (informative)

Sample Template (persuasive)

Part 5: Sample Speeches

List of Sample Speeches

Inspirational Speech: "I Have a Dream"

Commentary on "I Have a Dream"

Informative Speech (Chronological Pattern)

Persuasive Speech (Statement-of-Reasons Pattern)

Persuasive Speech (Problem-Cause-Solution Pattern)

Entertaining Speech

Speeches on the Internet

Part 6: Tips and Techniques

Speaking in Front of a Camera

Listening Profile


Tips for ESL Students

Minimum Size Lettering

Tips for Your Career

Part 7: Words

Quotes & Anecdotes




Avoiding Repetition

Eliminating Wordiness

Quotes & Anecdotes

Part 8: Confidence

The Curse of Perfectionism

Speech Phobia

Part 9: Voice

Quotes & Anecdotes

Oral Interpretation of Literature

Finding Literature for Oral Readings

Common Pronunciation Mistakes

Voice Production

Part 10: The Question for Jobs

Quotes & Anecdotes

Job Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Quotes & Anecdotes

Letter of Application

Sample Letter of Application


Sample Resume