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Tables of Contents for Financial & Managerial Accounting
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Chp.1 Accounting:Information for Decision Making

Chp.2 Basic Financial Statements

Chp.3 The Accounting Cycle:Capturing Economic Events

Chp.4 The Accounting Cycle:Accruals and Deferrals

Chp.5 The Accounting Cycle:Reporting Financial Results

Comprehensive Problem 1-Tony's Rentals

Chp.6 Accounting foe Merchandising Activities

Chp.7 Financial Assets

Chp.8 Inventories and the Cost of Goods Sold

Comprehensive Problem 2-Guitar Universe,Inc.

Chp.9 Plant Assets and Depreciation

Chp.10 Liabilities

Chp.11 Stockholders' Equity:Paid-in Capital

Chp.12 Income and Changes in Retained Earnings

Chp.13 Statement of Cash Flows

Chp.14 Financial Statement Analysis

Comprehensive Problem 3-Tootsie Roll Industries,Inc.

Chp.15 Global Business and Accounting

Chp.16 Management Accounting:A Business Partner

Chp.17 Accounting Systems for Measuring Costs

Chp.18 Costing and the Value Chain

Chp.19 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Chp.20 Incremental Analysis

Comprehensive Problem 4-Gilster Company

Chp.21 Responsibility Accounting and Performance Evaluation

Chp.22 Operational Budgeting

Chp.23 Standard Cost Systems

Chp.24 Rewarding Business Performance

Comprehensive Problem 5-Utease Corporation

Chp.25 Capital Budgeting

Appendix A:Tootsie Roll Industries,Inc. 1999 Annual Report

Appendix B:The Time Value of Money:Amounts and Present Values

Appendix C:Forms of Business