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Tables of Contents for Al Corriente
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Capítulo preliminar

Gramática en contexto

Subject pronouns

Present Indicative Tense

Articles and Gender

Plurals of Nouns

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Expressing ownership

Personal a


Idioms with tener

Saber versus conocer; pedir versus preguntar

Time expressions with hacer

Additional Idioms

Unidad I La familia y las tradiciones

Capítulo 1

Gramática en contexto

Defining, describing, and locating: Ser Versus estar

Asking questions: Interrogative Forms

More about description: Adjective agreement

Capítulo 2

Gramática en contexto

Talking about what you have done: The Present Perfect

Expressing -self (-selves) and each other: Reflexive


Indicating Change: More Reflexive Verb Forms

Capítulo 3

Gramática en contexto

Expressing Resulting Conditions: Adjectives Related to

Reflexive Verb Forms

Reflexive Verb Forms with Adjectives

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Talking About Needs, Likes, and Dislikes: Verbs like gustar

Unidad II Ante el público

Capítulo 4

Gramática en contexto

Talking About the Indefinite Past: The Imperfect

Talking about the Definite Past: The Preterite

Capítulo 5

Gramática en contexto

Irregular Preterite Verb Forms

Describing the Past: Preterite Versus Imperfect

The Present Participle

Capítulo 6

Gramática en contexto

Talking About What You Had Done: The Past Perfect Tense

Telling Who Did What to Whom: Double Object Pronouns

Pronouns That Follow Prepositions

Unidad III Los hispanos que viven en los Estados Unidos

Capítulo 7

Gramática en contexto

Making Requests: Formal (Ud., Uds.) Commands

Talking About the Future

Capítulo 8

Gramática en contexto

The Subjunctive

Subjunctive with Expression of Will and Influence

Making Requests of Friends: Informal (tú) Commands

Capítulo 9

Gramática en contexto

Indicative Versus Subjunctive in Adverbial Clauses

Subjunctive with Expressions of Emotion, Doubt, and Denial

Capítulo 10

Gramática en contexto

Se constructions

Expressing Goals and Means: por and para

Capítulo 11

Gramática en contexto

Adjective Clauses and Relative Pronouns

The Subjunctive with Adjective Clauses

More on the Subjunctive Versus the Indicative

Capítulo 12

Gramática en contexto

The Present Perfect Subjunctive

The Imperfect Subjunctive

Sequence of Subjunctive and Indicative Tenses

Unidad V América Latina

Capítulo 13

Gramática en contexto

The Passive Voice

Past Participles as Adjectives

Comparatives and Superlatives

Capítulo 14

Gramática en contexto

The Conditional

Expressing “Let’s …”: Nosotros Commands

Emphasizing to Whom Something Belongs

A Review of the Indicative Past Tenses

Capítulo 15

Gramática en contexto

Si Clauses

Infinitives Used as Nouns

More About Talking About Events in Progress