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Tables of Contents for Introduction to Information Systems
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Module I Foundation Concepts

Chapter 1 Foundations of Information Systems in Business

Section I Foundations Concepts: Information Systems and Technologies

Section II Foundations Concepts: Business Applications, Development, and Management

Chapter 2 Competing With Information Technology

Section I Fundamentals of Strategic Advantage

Section II Using Information Technology for Strategic Advantage

Module II Information Technologies

Chapter 3 Computer Hardware

Section I Computer Systems: End User and Enterprise Computing

Section II Computer Peripherals: Input, Output, and Storage Technologies

Chapter 4 Computer Software

Section I Applications Software: End User Applications

Section II System Software: Computer System Management

Chapter 5 Data Resource Management

Section I Managing Data Resources

Section II Technical Foundations of Database Management

Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks

Section I The Interneted Enterprise

Section II Telecommunications Network Alternatives

Module III Business Applications

Chapter 7 Electronic Business Systems

Section I Cross-Functional E-Business Systems

Section II Functional E-Business Systems

Chapter 8 Electronic Commerce Systems

Section I Electronic Commerce Fundamentals

Section II E-Commerce Applications and Issues

Chapter 9 Decision Support Systems

Section I Decision Support in E-Business

Section II Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Business

Module IV Development Processes

Chapter 10 Developing E-Business Solutions

Section I Developing E-Business Systems

Section II Implementing E-Business Systems

Module V Management Challenges

Chapter 11 Security and Ethical Challenges of E-Business

Section I Security, Ethical, and Societal Challenges of E-Business

Section II Security Management of E-Business

Chapter 12 Enterprise and Global Management of E-Business Technology

Section I Managing E-Business Technologies

Section II Global E-Business Technology Management