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Tables of Contents for The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing
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Chapter 1: A Short History of the Lock.

Chapter 2: Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 3: Types of Locks and Keys.

Chapter 4: Warded Locks.

Chapter 5: Lever Tumbler Locks.

Chapter 6: Disc Tumbler Locks.

Chapter 7: Pin Tumbler Locks.

Chapter 8: High-Security Mechanical Locks.

Chapter 9: Masterkeying.

Chapter 10: Detention Locks and Hardware.

Chapter 11: Buying and Selling Safes.

Chapter 12: Keyed Padlocks.

Chapter 13: Home and Business Services.

Chapter 14: Auxiliary Door Locks.

Chapter 15: Office Locks.

Chapter 16: Automobile Locks.

Chapter 17: Decoding, Picking, and Emergency Entry.

Chapter 18: Combination Locks.

Chapter 19: Electrical Access and Exit Control Systems.

Chapter 20: The Business of Locksmithing.

Chapter 21: Key Duplicating Machines.

Chapter 22: Test Your Knowledge.

Chapter 23: Making Locks by Hand.

Chapter 24: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Appendix A: Lock and Safe Manufacturers.

Appendix B: Locksmith Suppliers' Profiles and Addresses.

Appendix C: Miscellaneous Important Addresses/Phone Numbers.

Appendix D: Plug Follower and Holder Diameters for Popular Locks.