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The gloves-off, unvarnished truth about the church in today's world . . . told through the eyes of one who's seen it up close For years his Saturday religion column had readers padding outside in their bathrobes on weekend mornings to grab their copies of the Houston Chronicle to find what Louis Moore would report next about the current religion scene. This award-winning writer has viewed the church from every possible angle--as newspaper reporter and editor, denominational journalist, author, trustee of a national church governing body, and now as religious book publisher. Through four decades, Louis has always managed to find himself strategically poised to observe cataclysmic religious developments, such as the first steps of a Catholic pope in the Western Hemisphere, the Episcopal church's vote to ordain women, and ultimately, his unique skybox view at the 1979 Southern Baptist Convention, a meeting which forever altered the course of history for the world's largest Protestant denomination. Far beyond a mere chronicling of events, Witness to the Truth weaves insightful, helpful threads among Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, and even Jews and Buddhists, to name a few. His parallels are designed to help readers better understand their own local church bodies and their roles in them. Raw, revealing anecdotes paint the church as an authentically human institution but one that God still can use for His ongoing purposes.


9781934749159 | Hannibal Books, June 30, 2008, cover price $34.95 | About this edition: The gloves-off, unvarnished truth about the church in today's world .


9781934749203, titled "Witness to the Truth: Lessons Learned by a Veteran Journalist Through Four Decades of Watching the Church" | Hannibal Books, June 30, 2008, cover price $19.95

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