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Product Description: Ride alongside the author Pamela S. Turner and her scientific team and meet a cast of dolphin characters large enough (and charismatic enough) to rival a Shakespearean play—Puck, Piccolo, Flute, and Dodger among them. You will fall in love with this crew, both human and finned, as they seek to answer the question: just why are dolphins so smart? And what does their behavior tell us about human intelligence, captive animals, and the future of the ocean? Beautiful photos of dolphins in their natural habitat and a funny, friendly, and fast-paced text make this another winner in the Scientists in the Field more


9780547716381, titled "The Dolphins of Shark Bay" | Houghton Mifflin, November 5, 2013, cover price $18.99


9780544809093, titled "The Dolphins of Shark Bay" | Harcourt Childrens Books, September 13, 2016, cover price $9.99 | About this edition: Ride alongside the author Pamela S.

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