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Product Description: Madeline C. Zilfi's latest book examines gender politics through slavery and social regulation in the Ottoman Empire. In a challenge to prevailing notions, her research shows that throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries female slavery was not only central to Ottoman practice, but a critical component of imperial governance and elite social more


9781107411456 | Reprint edition (Cambridge Univ Pr, October 25, 2012), cover price $44.99 | About this edition: Madeline C.

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9780882970493 | Bibliotheca Islamica, June 1, 1988, cover price $30.00


9780882970424, titled "The Politics of Piety: The Ottoma Ulema in the Postclassical Age 1600-1800" | Bibliotheca Islamica, June 1, 1988, cover price $20.00

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