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By Ralph M. McInerny (foreword by) and Michael Waddell (editor)


9781587317262 | St Augustine Pr Inc, August 30, 2016, cover price $30.00

“Michael [Waddell] is the real McCoy. Down to earth, clever, genuine, well-grounded, funny as all hell, kind, generous, decent, and surely one of the best natural hunters and woodsmen that I have ever grilled a sacred backstrap with.” —Ted Nugent From hunting legend Michael Waddell, star of multiple Outdoor Channel programs, comes a poignant and funny book about growing up in rural Georgia: Hunting Booger Bottom. Waddell offers priceless anecdotes from his lifetime of hunting with the fascinating—and often hilarious—cast of characters he’s met along the way. Breathtaking and dramatic, filled with practical advice and indelible folk wisdom—and a foreword by Ted Nugent—Hunting Booger Bottom offers an impassioned defense of sport hunting and is a must-read for anyone who has ever wandered the woods with “a stick and a string” (as Waddell refers to his bow.)


9780061733536 | 1 edition (Harpercollins, January 5, 2010), cover price $24.99 | About this edition: “Michael [Waddell] is the real McCoy.


9780061946004 | 1 lgr edition (Harpercollins, January 5, 2010), cover price $25.99 | About this edition: “Michael [Waddell] is the real McCoy.


9780061966248 | Harpercollins, January 5, 2010, cover price $11.99

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