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9781435234697 | Reprint edition (Paw Prints, April 11, 2008), cover price $21.99

By Matthew Clark (illustrator), Jan Van Meter, Dietrich Smith (illustrator) and Judd Winick


9781435221659 | Reprint edition (Paw Prints, December 15, 2007), cover price $21.99

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9781582404127 | Image Comics, October 27, 2004, cover price $6.95

cover image for 9780785111672
Product Description: Volume 4 : "Secret Origin of Jessica Jones!" Collects Alias (2001 Marvel MAX) #22-28. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS. Art by MICHAEL GAYDOS. Cover by DAVID MACK. Once hard-nosed private eye Jessica Jones stood with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, as a costumed super more
By Mark Bagley (illustrator), Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos (illustrator), Rick Mays (illustrator) and Art Thibert (illustrator)


9780785111672, titled "The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones: The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones" | Marvel Enterprises, May 1, 2004, cover price $17.99 | About this edition: Volume 4 : "Secret Origin of Jessica Jones!

cover image for 9781401200961
By J. Scott Campbell, Ben Dimagmaliw (illustrator), Richard Friend (illustrator), Alex Garner (illustrator), Andy Hartnell, Sandra Hope (illustrator), Guy Major (illustrator), Tom McWeeney (illustrator), Justin Ponsor (illustrator), Art Thibert (illustrator), Tim Townsend (illustrator) and Scott Williams (illustrator)


9781401200961 | Signed edition (Wildstorm, March 1, 2004), cover price $75.00

cover image for 9780785107057
By Peter David, Salvador Larroca (illustrator) and Art Thibert (illustrator)


9780785107057 | Marvel Enterprises, November 1, 1998, cover price $14.95

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