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Book by Newmyer, Joseph


9780691129655 | Princeton Univ Pr, February 28, 2017, cover price $60.00


9780691129662 | Princeton Univ Pr, December 8, 2015, cover price $29.95
9780536008190, titled "Marketing in the Music Industry" | 2nd edition (Pearson Custom Pub, January 1, 1998), cover price $44.00 | also contains Marketing in the Music Industry
9780536008046, titled "Intermediate Algebra" | Custom edition (Prentice Hall, March 1, 1982), cover price $54.00 | also contains Intermediate Algebra | About this edition: Book by Newmyer, Joseph

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9780691166216 | Princeton Univ Pr, November 24, 2015, cover price $14.95
9780536597762, titled "Biology: Life Features" | Prentice Hall, January 1, 1997, cover price $88.05 | also contains Biology: Life Features

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Product Description: Two-thirds of our planet lies out of sight of land, just offshore beyond the horizon. What wildlife might you find out there? And how might you identify what you see? This Offshore Sea Life ID Guide, designed for quick use on day trips off the West Coast, helps you put a name to what you see, from whales and dolphins to albatrosses, turtles, and even more


9780691166131 | Princeton Univ Pr, June 16, 2015, cover price $14.95 | About this edition: Two-thirds of our planet lies out of sight of land, just offshore beyond the horizon.

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