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Product Description: They watch. They protect. They are blind. The Watchers have always been shrouded in mystery, spoken only in superstition and hushed whispers. Augmented humans, handpicked from the proud noble families of the Homelands; it is their sacred duty to watch over us from afar, serving as the Great Tzar’s eyes as we colonise the more


9781522891109 | Createspace Independent Pub, December 22, 2015, cover price $13.63 | About this edition: They watch.

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Product Description: Rage is the glue, the fabric of society. Tap into your hate addiction and let yourself live. Become the monster that society wants you to be. That deep down, you want to be.Meet Peter Clayton: rage dealer. For a price, he organizes what he innocently calls 'playdates', giving ordinary people with anger problems a chance to connect with others - by beating them within an inch of their more


9781503148826 | Createspace Independent Pub, November 28, 2014, cover price $12.99 | About this edition: Rage is the glue, the fabric of society.

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