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Product Description: Renowned paleontologist Robert T. Bakker and award-winning paleoartist Luis V. Rey combine forces in this oversized picture book about the evolution of dinosaurs. From the conquest of land by dino ancestor Acanthostega during the Devonian Period, through the mass die-off of dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Period, Bakker and Rey take readers on a safari through time while paying subtle homage to the 1960 Giant Golden Book Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles that inspired them both as young more
By Luis V. Rey (illustrator)


9780375859588 | Golden Books, September 24, 2013, cover price $16.99 | About this edition: Renowned paleontologist Robert T.

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Product Description: Renowned paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker and paleoartist Luis V. Rey combine forces in this hardcover omnibus of three impeccibly accurate, dino-centric Picturebacks, available for the first time in 3-D! The dynamic dinos in Dinosaurs!, Prehistoric Monsters!, and Dino Babies! have always looked like they could jump off the printed page--and now they literally can! Watch as a spiked Stegosaurus tail whips off the page and scores a direct hit into an allosaurus (ouch!), or a pack of raptors leap onto the back of an unsuspecting tenontosaurus (uh-oh), or a squealing baby titanosaur hatches from an egg and is greeted by its giant mother (awww more
By Dr. Robert T. Bakker and Luis V. Rey (illustrator)


9780307976925, titled "Dinosaurs: In Your Face!: In Your Face!" | Nov edition (Random House Childrens Books, August 7, 2012), cover price $9.99 | About this edition: Renowned paleontologist Dr.

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By Luis V. Rey (illustrator)


9780375963308 | Random House Childrens Books, January 12, 2010, cover price $8.99

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By Bob Hersey (illustrator), Ian Jackson (illustrator), Todd Marshall (illustrator), David Norman and Luis V. Rey (illustrator)


9781601300546 | Pck stk pa edition (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2007), cover price $14.99

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