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Product Description: NE 0000000000000 0000000000 0000000000000


9780080371214, titled "Making Strategic Planning Work in Practice" | Pergamon Pr, October 1, 1989, cover price $52.00 | also contains Making Strategic Planning Work in Practice | About this edition: Few large firms today fail to include planning as one of their key management systems.


9781575058856 | Millbrook Pr, August 15, 2006, cover price $19.93 | About this edition: NE 0000000000000 0000000000 0000000000000

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When they fall in love and cast aside their responsibilities, Kyonu, a farmer, and Jingnyo, a weaver, are separated by the king of the starry realm who will only let them meet in the Milky Way once a year, but when that time comes, they must overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.


9780888996725 | Groundwood Books, August 10, 2005, cover price $16.95 | About this edition: The king of the starry realm separates a farmer and a weaver who are in love, but allows them to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month of every year, and when they must part at the end of the day, it rains their tears.

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When a hungry tiger overhears a mother calming her baby with the offer of a dried persimmon, the tiger mistakenly assumes that a dried persimmon is a wild and fierce beast, and when a thief jumps on the tiger's back, the tiger thinks the dried persimmon is after him!


9780888994851 | Groundwood Books, July 1, 2002, cover price $15.95 | About this edition: When a fearless tiger becomes hungry one night, he wanders the area for food, finding an ox, a cattle thief, a crying baby, and the 'meanest' dried persimmon in the world.

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