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Product Description: Phaenias of Eresus (c. 375–300 BC) was a member of Aristotle's school, the "Peripatos" or "Lyceum," and a friend and compatriot of Aristotle's successor, Theophrastus. Phaenias's scholarly interests stretched from strictly philosophical treatises to chronology and the history of philosophy and poetry; to the lives, fortunes, and manners of death of tyrants; to biographical and historical themes and details of famous Athenians; to botanical and zoological issues; and even entertaining, "novelistic" stories and strange reports (Mirabilia) more
By David Mirhady (editor)


9781412862479 | Transaction Pub, October 27, 2015, cover price $89.95 | About this edition: Phaenias of Eresus (c.

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