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9781770858572 | Firefly Books Ltd, September 1, 2016, cover price $19.95

Unique in the marketplace Hey Baby! What’s Your Name? is packed with fun and functional chapters and is a perfect guide for every Canadian parent trying to make that all important decision – what should they name their baby? Its special sections on truly Canadian names, relevant national statistics, Prime Ministers’ names and place and literary names unique to the Great White North offer Canucks the first baby name book that speaks directly to them. And unique interviews with Canadian adults and children reveal what we really think about our names. Jam-packed with helpful tips about everything from the best time to name your child to the top 10 things to avoid when choosing a name, This book is full of use-it-now information that expecting parents need. It offers a voice of reason to help quell arguments over names and important information about the psychological impact of names as well as the legalities surrounding birth certificates and name changes. Organized by theme, each chapter is unique, offering the origin and meaning of thousands of names that appeal to just about everyone, including: dads, celeb watchers, literary buffs, eccentrics, traditionalists, history lovers and geography majors. Looking for weird names? Hey Baby! has got those, too. Even quiz lovers are in luck. Great Canadian includes two fun, interactive quizzes to help get readers more involved – and give them a brain break from tough decision-making. Fun, funky and a great read, this book helps parents make the right call when naming their little Canuck.


9780470836873 | Harpercollins Canada, September 30, 2006, cover price $13.95 | About this edition: Unique in the marketplace Hey Baby!


9780470157435, titled "Hey Baby! What's Your Name: A Canadian Guide to Naming Your Baby" | John Wiley & Sons Inc, March 21, 2008, cover price $17.95

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