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A conceited duck learns in the end that vanity can be dangerous and that everyone needs friends

School and Library:

9780395328637 | Houghton Mifflin, February 1, 1983, cover price $8.95 | About this edition: A boastful duck gets her comeuppance when she must rely on four little turtles to save her life.

Protective of a young chick she plans to eat later, a tigress changes her plans for dinner when the young rooster becomes her protector.


9780394838670 | Random House Childrens Books, March 1, 1978, cover price $6.95 | About this edition: A tigress looks after a baby chick, feeding it well and thinking about what a fine meal it will make, but a plucky little rooster interferes with the tigress's plans

School and Library:

9780395191125 | Houghton Mifflin, August 1, 1975, cover price $6.95

With the help of a number of other animals, three clever monkeys escape from three leopards.


9780394927954 | Random House Childrens Books, February 1, 1974, cover price $6.99 | About this edition: Three monkeys escape from a pack of hungry leopards with the other animals' help

The story of Lady Bird and her surprise as she rushes to save her children from their 'burning' home

School and Library:

9780316489522 | Little Brown & Co, June 1, 1972, cover price $5.95 | About this edition: The insects quickly pass the message to the lady bug to fly home as her house is on fire.

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By Juliet Kepes (illustrator) and Herbert Read


9780394917412 | Random House Childrens Books, February 1, 1970, cover price $5.69


9780394911762 | Random House Childrens Books, June 1, 1961, cover price $6.99

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