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Product Description: A captivating introduction to the physics of animal behavior.The principles of physics lie behind many of the ways animals go about their daily lives. Scientists have discovered that the way cats and dogs lap up liquids can be explained by the laws of surface tension, how ants navigate is due to polarized light, and why pistol shrimps can generate enough force to destroy aquarium glass using their "elbows!"Each of Furry Logic’s six chapters tackles a separate branch of physics and, through more than 30 animal case studies, examines each creature’s key features before describing the ways physics is at play in its life, how the connection between physics and animal behavior was discovered, and what remains to be found more


9781472914095 | Bloomsbury Sigma, January 31, 2017, cover price $27.00 | About this edition: A captivating introduction to the physics of animal behavior.

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