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Living in a world filled with scribbles and squiggly lines, the residence fall into a state of chaos when a stick-straight newcomer arrives and builds a perfectly square house in their community, yet the intriguing nature of one young boy helps to ease their fears after he meets the new neighbor and reveals to them all a very special secret!

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9780399243035 | Philomel Books, June 16, 2005, cover price $15.99 | About this edition: When a man who is straight as a stick arrives in Scribbleville, he is met with resistance until one child shows everyone that there is beauty in every kind of line, straight or scribbled.

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From the creator of The Big Blue Spot, Stick Kid remembers what his life was like as a child while telling how different he has become in growing into an older boy.

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9780399241635 | Philomel Books, April 1, 2004, cover price $13.99 | About this edition: A stick figure boy grows up, eventually leaving home and starting a stick family of his own.

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Introduces kids to the concept of mixing two colors to make a new color as a blue spot travels along the pages of this interactive picture book with simple text and bold illustrations.

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9780399237867 | Philomel Books, March 1, 2003, cover price $13.99 | About this edition: A spot realizes that it is lonely and asks the reader of the book to help it find a friend.

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