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9781302901769 | Marvel Enterprises, November 22, 2016, cover price $17.99

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By Victor Calderon-Zurita (illustrator), Jacopo Camagni (illustrator) and Christopher Hastings


9780785190127 | Marvel Enterprises, June 3, 2014, cover price $14.99

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Product Description: He's a doctor! He's a ninja! And now, his earliest exploits are collected in one mighty omnibus volume! Featuring stories from the very beginnings of the Dr. McNinja webcomic, prepare for a hefty dose of science, action, and outrageous more
By Kent Archer (illustrator) and Christopher Hastings


9781616551124 | Dark Horse Comics, July 30, 2013, cover price $24.99 | About this edition: He's a doctor!

cover image for 9780785157427
Product Description: Deadpool and the Fearsome Four! The Merc with a Mouth cooks up a plan to turn a profit from Fear Itself by creating his own Worthy out of a sledgehammer and the dimwitted D-lister the Walrus, who he dupes into putting the scare into some local yokels in New more
By Ryan Bodenheim (illustrator) and Bong Dazo (illustrator)


9780785158073 | Marvel Enterprises, February 29, 2012, cover price $24.99


9780785157427 | Marvel Enterprises, December 5, 2012, cover price $19.99 | About this edition: Deadpool and the Fearsome Four!

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