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Product Description: The U.S. military is ill-equipped to strike at extremists who hide in populations. Using deadly force against them can harm and alienate the very people whose cooperation U.S. forces are trying to earn. To solve this problem, a new RAND study proposes a 3continuum of force2


9780833046840 | Rand Corp, May 15, 2009, cover price $36.00 | About this edition: The U.

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Product Description: Libicki et al. argue that information collection requirements and systems for counterinsurgency are important because the community that conducts counterinsurgency crosses national and institutional boundaries and because the indigenous population plays a large role in determining the outcome of an more


9780833041890 | Rand Corp, October 15, 2007, cover price $23.00 | About this edition: Libicki et al.

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