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Product Description: “I am Aaron Lee Fairfax. I am forty‑three years old. I am married to Janessa, but she wants a divorce. I work for Thagg, Morgan, and Edwards Brokerage Group in Kansas City, Missouri. I own a Maserati.” It all sounded so false, these big words coming out of a boy’s more


9781497648609 | Ingram Pub Services, September 23, 2014, cover price $14.99 | About this edition: “I am Aaron Lee Fairfax.
9780759297364 | E-Rights/E-Reads Ltd, June 30, 2005, cover price $19.95 | About this edition: "WE DO THIS FOR YOU" The alien Holn came in peace .
9780380786961 | Avon Books, February 1, 1997, cover price $5.99 | also contains The Argonauts | About this edition: When the peaceful Holn aliens leave Earth after a six-year stay, they transform seventeen adults back into teenagers by way of a parting gift, and the 'rewound' individuals, remembering their adult identities, struggle to cope with their changed lives.

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