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CONCEPTS OF CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY, Ninth Edition, provides comprehensive coverage and the latest information on a full spectrum of substance use disorders and the compounds commonly abused. Topics include the abuse of and addiction to alcohol; how the active agent in marijuana, THC, affects neural growth and development; the emerging body of evidence suggesting a relationship between marijuana abuse and psychotic disorders; the emerging body of evidence suggesting that marijuana is not as benign as it was thought to be a few years ago; and the abuse of cough syrups. Adding to the book's usefulness and relevance, Doweiko also covers topics not usually discussed in other substance abuse texts, including abuse of anabolic steroids, inhalants, infectious diseases associated with substance abuse, how the "war on drugs" has actually contributed to the problem of substance abuse/addiction in this country, and the "medical marijuana" debate. This edition includes new information on synthetic marijuana, mephredone, and dextromethorphan, among other substances; updates reflecting the new DSM-5; and a new chapter on the Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction. Students report that they appreciate the author's balanced approach, which allows them to form their own opinions, in contrast to some books that "preach" that "drugs are bad for you."


9781305860452 | 9 lslf edition (Brooks/Cole Pub Co, June 4, 2015), cover price $125.95
9780534936242, titled "Calculus" | Brooks/Cole Pub Co, January 1, 1994, cover price $161.95 | also contains Calculus


9781285457178 | 9 pck pap/ edition (Brooks/Cole Pub Co, March 18, 2014), cover price $193.95
9780840033901 | 8 edition (Brooks/Cole Pub Co, January 1, 2011), cover price $198.95
9780495505815 | Int edition (Gardners Books, March 22, 2008), cover price $75.65
9780495505808 | 7 edition (Brooks/Cole Pub Co, February 22, 2008), cover price $204.95
9789990217384 | 6 edition (Wadsworth Pub Co, July 30, 2005), cover price $0.02
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