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Product Description: LARGE PRINT EDITION! More at "The merit of this work will, I hope, place it in the hands of every reader in our country. By diffusing sound principles of Political Economy, it will protect the public industry from the parasite institutions now consuming it, and lead us to that just and regular distribution of the public burthens from which we have sometimes more


9780865978126 | New edition (Liberty Fund, December 27, 2011), cover price $29.00 | About this edition: A Treatise on Political Economy by Antonie Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy (1754-1836) is a foundational text of nineteenth-century, free-market economic thought and remains one of the classics of nineteenth-century French economic liberalism.


9781494382070 | Large print edition (Createspace Independent Pub, December 5, 2013), cover price $12.00 | also contains A Treatise on Political Economy | About this edition: LARGE PRINT EDITION!

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