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Product Description: Beasties are not animals. They are humans whose very appearance and especially their actions make you believe that they are more like animals than rational people," writes author William Lex Coplen. Among the beasties can be count the Sloth, a graduate of "one of those big-name Eastern schools that claim to educate you but teach you nothing practical"; the Shark, that "coldly efficient predator" and back stabber of his fellow coworkers; and the Hyena, "the silent follower of all leaders who never does anything unless pushed into more


9780533111695 | Vantage Pr, March 1, 1995, cover price $11.95 | also contains Kaiser Schickt Soldaten Aus | About this edition: Beasties are not animals.

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Product Description: Book by Coplen, William Lex


9780533080830 | Vantage Pr, April 1, 1989, cover price $7.95 | also contains The Status of All Things | About this edition: Book by Coplen, William Lex

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