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cover image for 9781401237431
By Ivan Cohen (foreword by), Robert Kanigher, William Moulton Marston (creator), Joye Murchison and H. G. Peter (illustrator)


9781401237431 | Dc Comics, November 13, 2012, cover price $59.99

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Product Description: Just when Batman is able to provide Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a. the Man-Bat, with a cure to his affliction, a second man-sized bat starts terrorizing Gotham City! Can Batman count on Kirk to help stop this shadowy new foe?
By Ivan Cohen and Luciano Vecchio (illustrator)


9781434297419 | Stone Arch Books, January 1, 2015, cover price $21.93 | About this edition: Just when Batman is able to provide Kirk Langstrom, a.

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By Dario Brizuela (illustrator), Ivan Cohen, Matthew K. Manning (illustrator) and Luciano Vecchio (illustrator)


9781401249366 | Dc Comics, January 27, 2015, cover price $12.99

cover image for 9781401253448
By Jason Bischoff (contributor), Ivan Cohen (contributor), Amanda Deibert (contributor), Gail Simone and Sean E. Williams (contributor)


9780384542792, titled "Undine" | Johnson Reprint Corp, June 1, 1928, cover price $26.00 | also contains Undine


9781401253448 | Dc Comics, April 14, 2015, cover price $14.99

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