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Product Description: Rare book
By Nadine Brun-Cosme and Olivier Tallec (illustrator)


9788415116165 | Italian edition edition (Jaguar Ediciones, February 28, 2012), cover price $21.95 | About this edition: Rare book

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After getting upset with her mother, Anna is determined to have nothing to do with her for the rest of the day and turns to her father for everything she needs, but when nighttime comes, Anna doesnÂ’t want to go to bed mad and so looks for her mother to make-up for the day with a special good-night kiss.
By Michel Backes (illustrator) and Nadine Brun-Cosme

School and Library:

9780618381579 | Clarion Books, October 18, 2004, cover price $14.00 | About this edition: Anna is unhappy when her tired mother says no to all of her after-school plans but after an evening of letting only Daddy do things for her, Anna cannot go to sleep until she and Mama make up.

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