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It's an arthropods' world. We just live in it. In this classic of natural history, National Medal of Science-winning entomologist May R. Berenbaum weaves a web of spellbinding portraits that acquaints readers with the multitudes sharing our world and, alas, our kitchen. Go small or go home as Berenbaum reveals: · Why the "Jesus bug" can walk on water · How the katydid's nighttime noise inspired romantic poetry · The trapping prowess of the hungry antlion · That disgusting thing chiggers do to eat your skin A witty guide that's as accessible as the container of flour you should have closed more tightly, Ninety-nine Gnats, Nits, and Nibblers adds a new Berenbaum preface to the fascinating story of our million closest neighbors.


9780252015717 | Univ of Illinois Pr, May 1, 1989, cover price $29.95 | About this edition: It's an arthropods' world.


9780252060274 | Univ of Illinois Pr, September 1, 1989, cover price $22.00

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