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This modern retelling of the ancient epic features dramatic illustrations from a noted Tolkien artist that brilliantly capture the thrilling adventures of a mythic hero as he combats dragons, sea monsters, and the gruesome Grendel.
By John Howe (illustrator) and Nicky Raven (other contributor)


9780127318509, titled "Metals in the Environment" | Academic Pr, September 1, 1980, cover price $115.00 | also contains Metals in the Environment

School and Library:

9780763636470 | Ill edition (Candlewick Pr, October 9, 2007), cover price $18.99 | About this edition: A modern, illustrated retelling of the Anglo-Saxon epic about the heroic efforts of Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, to save the people of Heorot Hall from the terrible monster, Grendel.

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