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Product Description: We all know clowns are secretly evil... and Donald proves it in William Van Horn's new "Lost and Clowned!" Huey, Dewey, and Louie idolize a heroic police dog in Lars Jensen's "Detective Duck"; then, in Noel Van Horn's "Fame," it's Mickey's turn to take a bite out of Phantom Blot crime! A trio of back-to-school tales fill up the book: Don Markstein's Super Goof in "Two Heads Are Better Than One," Carl Barks' Donald in "Playin' Hookey," and Al Hubbard's Fethry in "Blackboard Bungle! more
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9781603600392 | Gemstone Pub, September 3, 2008, cover price $7.99 | About this edition: We all know clowns are secretly evil.

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